What they were looking for

This was always a brand that was just a logo, which isn’t usually what I do, but when the client is your Dad and he funded my degree without a second thought I felt I needed to do as requested! FMM is my Dad’s retirement business, by this I mean he turned his retirement hobby into a small business that restores clocks and watches. No websites or social media for this brand. Just business cards and a personality.

How I helped them

My branding process usually starts with a discovery session and a full questionnaire about your business’ values and aims, this one started with a roughly drawn out sketch on the back on an envelope. Yep, it really did! My Dad had a long career in engineering, working out equations and the like. So when he showed me his idea of writing FMM as FM2 I knew how I could turn it into a logo that would reflect his clientele.

What the outcomes were

As I said earlier, this is an identity that is only seen on business stationery. FMM mainly exhibit at small local craft fairs and so far, I’ve not convinced him he needs a banner for his stall. So, it’s a little bit harder for me to judge the effects of his brand on his audience. However he makes enough money to take my Mum out for dinner every once in a while, so let’s count that as a win!


Nigel [business partner] and I have found that more people take cards at our clock sales and come back to us for clock repairs. The eye catching art work makes a colourful addition to our displays and our work load has increased. Hooray!

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