26 October 2022

Is choosing your brand colours as simple as picking your favourite or should you be looking at it from a deeper perspective?

It has long been proven that our emotions rule our decision-making process. When making purchases, how we feel about a business’ brand is more important than what we think of it. With this in mind, remember that certain colours evoke different emotions and using your favourite colour for your branding may not convey the best message about your business.

So, what colours should you chose?

First think about your business’ personality and who you are aiming at.
Would you consider your business modern or classic; playful or serious; youthful or mature; loud or quiet…
Once you have thought this over, look and see which emotions are evoked by which colours. I’ve made this sound like a simple thing to do, if you are struggling to make connections between colours and emotions, please get in touch and we can chat about your colours

Here are the broad emotions that are usually associated with certain colours.

Typically brands have one main colour and 2-3 other colours used to enhance the main colour. When you use the same colours consistently in your branding, eventually consumer recognition will happen, think Coca Cola red or Facebook blue. The most common places where your brand colours will be seen are on your website and social media channels; store front, uniforms, packaging, business stationery and marketing materials. Plenty of places for you to get that recognition.

Hopefully, your subconscious has matched your favourite colours with ones that have the traits you want to project about your business. Giving you a brand colour scheme you can love for a long time.

Creating colour palettes and dabbling in the psychology behind it is one of my favourite parts of the design process. If you’d like my expertise on your branding, book a call with me to talk over how I can help you and your branding.

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