What they were looking for

Jim was originally a self brander. He designed the logo, built the website. I met him through networking and after about 3 months of listening to me talk about branding, he felt able to trust me with AEI Acoustic’s branding.

Jim felt that the logo he’s designed didn’t look professional enough, he felt it was gimmicky and wanted something more modern.

How I helped them

With these ideas in mind, I started work on rebranding. Sound waves and ways we depict sound were high on my list of influences. I found a graphic of the soundwaves of different letters when we speak them. I used this and took the AEI sounds and produced my own simplified wave icon. This forms the base of the logo along with a wordmark from a font that mirrored the curves found in the icon.

What the outcomes were

Since producing the branding for AEI Acoustics. Jim has used the logo on work uniform, presentations, ebooks, and a new website is coming soon.

The business now looks less homemade and really stands out in his field.


From start to finish Helen did exactly what was required to provide both an exceptional service that supported great ideas and vision for my company branding. The process from initial conversation through to finalized branding was painless and I was really impressed by the outcome, based on information gained through various fact-finding processes she works through with you.

AEI Logo Brochure AEI Business Cards Soundwave AEI Styleboard

I would highly recommend Helen to anyone, and if you are thinking of rebranding, give her a call and see how you and your brand will benefit from Helen’s expertise and creativeness.

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