What they were looking for

Karen from Alible Nutrition is a highly qualified nutritionist and absolutely committed to her causes. When we first met to talk branding, she explained to me that she is very analytical in the way she works. The thing is, I’m analytical too (for a creative person) I don’t very often act without considering the outcomes and that goes for my approach to branding too.

How I helped them

There were a few elements that Karen wanted to carry over into Alible Nutrition’s new identity. The main request was that I concentrated on creating an identity that focussed on all the food groups as the current logo was fruit heavy.

I put my analytical mind to work and began researching. I produced 3 style boards for Karen to look over and decide which route she thought was best for her business.

Karen decided on a style board that visualised inclusivity, nature and calm. All elements that can be seen in the final logo.

What the outcomes were

The identity that I created for Alible Nutrition is used throughout her business. Karen produces lots of work sheets and presentations for her clients that were overhauled to included all her new branding. Which included laying out information in more accessible ways. Alible Nutrition also market on social media, their branded social media templates are used to great effect on her Facebook and Instagram pages.


Helen put together my logo and branding a couple of years ago but left to my own devices, I found I needed a designer’s eye on the different documents I use to ‘pull them together’ visually… Helen has given me some tricks and tips to make document design easier and more consistent.

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