What they were looking for

Devotion Stationery was my first business. I designed bespoke wedding stationery. When I first branded Devotion I did not follow the rules I use now. I created a brand that was based on what I thought my customers would want to see. It did not reflect me or the stationery I was producing.

The original branding wasn’t bringing in the right customers, Devotion needed a refresh and that’s when I went back and did it the proper way!

How I helped them

I looked at my values for Devotion Stationery. Did an ideal customer persona and used these two vital bits of information to rebrand.

The new branding reflected my desire to work with couples who were seeking something just for them. It was to be unique, quirky, stylish and individual. Devotion Stationery moved from a generic look into a bold new identity.

What the outcomes were

After the rebrand I found that I was asked to be part of more styled shoots. I attracted more of my ideal customers at wedding fairs. People were paying my prices with no fuss or haggling. I was more confident in how I was selling my products.

I fully attribute this to the change in branding as I was still selling the same designs at the same prices.

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