What they were looking for

I met Alex about 2 weeks before Corona Virus shut the country down. She was starting a fitness trainer business for women called Fit in Life. Alex wanted Fit in Life to have a visual presence that would work well online and be easily transferable onto sportswear, as Alex wanted a uniform for herself to wear at her classes. We decided that Fit in Life needed a mini brand identity of logo, colour palette, fonts and style guide.

How I helped them

The values that Alex identified as being most important to her business were power, moving forwards, taking action and encouragement.  For me, these words invoked thoughts of tessellation and fitting together to be stronger. The letters of Fit in Life were manipulated to take on the feeling that they were supporting, and building up each other.  The hexagon, a strong tessellating shape was also included to bring in an element that would be used within the wider branding.

What the outcomes were

Fit in Life launched with social media and website as it’s main marketing channels. Word of mouth was Alex’s friend and helped to bring people into her classes, which ran both online and in person. The branding worked successfully on her social media and transferred well to her website.


My brand identity guide is my bible! It makes creating content really simple and I know it is cohesive with my brand. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with fancy fonts and pretty colours, but having the guide helps keep me focused.

Brochure Fit in life Website

Sometimes I look at my logo and think sh*t, this is me!

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