What they were looking for

When a group of women tell you their boxing class needs an identity, you don’t say no!

Starting out as local government run initiative to get women more active, a boxing coach from Worksop brought together a bunch of women and made them feel like a part of something. These ladies decided that they wanted a uniform that would show them as a group that belonged together

How I helped them

I spoke to them about the vibe they wanted to present, possible names and visual styles and from those talks the name Vixen was born. Feisty female foxes, pretty apt for them. They also wanted a strong shape for their logo, which I knew would be beneficial to my design process aswell, seeing as the design was to be screen printed onto their sports tops. I created the geometric fox face design and combined it with bright neon colours. Perfect for screen printing.

What the outcomes were

The Vixens wanted to grow their group and were planning on using a local poster campaign and Facebook to gain more members. From the Fox face logo and neon colour palette, I created gradients and gathered stock imagery to be used within their wider marketing. Posters were printed, Facebook campaigns were launched and for a while, the group did thrive, but as is the way with government backed ventures, funding ran out and Vixens ended.

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